Apart from the village there are the towns of Les Salettes, La Plaine, La Valliere, and La Priarie near the village and Les Templiers, Bassac, Cabanes Bletonnieres, and Gibeste in the south. The Magnan river rises near the village and flows south through the heart of the commune then to the Mediterranean.

After the abandonment of the Aspremont-le-Vieux site in 1426, a fortified village was built in concentric circles at the foot of Mont-Chauve on a hill overlooking a path between the Var and the Paillon de Tourrette Valley.

aerial aspremontSoil and sunshine favoured the cultivation of vines, olives, and fruit trees, particularly fig trees. There was production of wine and olive oil in the county until the end of the 19th century.

In 1874 Aspremont had its land area divided to create the new communes of Colomars and Castagniers.



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