Vines around Colomars
Vines around Colomars

Colomars (Couloumas in Nissard) is a hilltop village at 340-402m above the Var river valley and below Mont Chauve.

It was given in 1070  to the monastery of Saint-Pons by the children of Raimbaud de Nice and Rostaing de Gréolièrs, when it then became a dependency of Nice.

Colomars was one of the richest communes of Aspremont.

A decree signed on 2 June 1874 by Maréchal de Mac Mahon separated Colomars, Aspremont and Castagniers into three separate villages.

Between 1894-7, the conseil generale issued 8,715 American rootstocks for replanting the vineyards around the commune of Colomars.



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