Chateau de Bellet

440, Chemin de Saquier
06200 Nice
Tél. +33 (0)4 93 37 81 57

Pierre Roissard and Anne-Rose Dettat-Doria’s sont Jean-Pierre Roissard acquired a property called ‘Bellet’ and created his baronnial residence there on 12th September 1777. His descendant Baron Eugene was to be made the Minister for Justice on the 5th May 1900. The 6th baron, Baron Jean (1866-1953) was involved in numerous associations – philanthropic, sports, cultural and created a foundation for children with difficulties, today run by the city of Nice. Baron Jean was also the president of the Academia Nissarda. The current Baron, Comte Ghislain de Charnacé succeeded his father in 1970. Estate, but not house, sold in 2012. Ghislain continued to be responsible for vinification for the first year acting as a consultant. As of 2015 the family is no longer involved in the wine making.

The estate covered 8 ha with vineyards ranging from 300-350m. altitude. Yields 30hl/ha, bio, manual harvest – but as of 2014 merger with Coteaux de Bellet and since 2015 new vineyards have been planted so now bigger.

Charnacé was one of the first in Bellet to use barrels for white wines in the early 1990s.

White Cuvée Baron G was served at the marriage of Prince Albert II to Charlene Wittstock.

Following on from new ownership and the merger with Coteaux de Bellet, significant changes have made on this estate. New access has been constructed to the old family chapel, now shop and visitor centre, and the new cellar below, opened in June 2015.


New wine cellar below the old family chapel
New wine cellar below the old family chapel

Along the new access route, there are new plantings and vineyards, apparently with Rolle.

The photo below taken from Google maps shows the new access road top right, curving past the newly cleared land for new vineyards going to the Chapel at the bottom left of the picture.

Aerial view of new road and vineyards at Chateau de Bellet
Aerial view of new road and vineyards at Chateau de Bellet


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