Domaine de la Source

Famille Dalmasso
303, Chemin de Saquier
06200 Nice
Tel: +33 (0)4 93 29 81 60

The farm at 303 du chemin de Saquier was bought in 1962 by Joseph Dalmasso, of an old Niçoise family, as a dairy farm. With its natural water source it was ideal for growing flowers and vegetables. The farm diversified into the growing of greenhouse flowers under his son Jacques until 1986. Vines were grown for domestic use.

By 1991 the farm changed direction to become a vineyard. At that time, largely only Chateau de Bellet and Chateau de Crémat were active marketing Bellet wines. Domaine Fogolar had its first commercial vintage that year.

In 2003 Jacques handed over control to his children Carine and Eric.

Until 2008 the estate was 2ha but is now 4ha – the extra 2ha planted with young vines which for the 2012 AOC Bellet.

Carine - May 2013

Carine Dalmasso – May 2013

The estate still grows flowers and vegetables, entering floral competitions and has bee hives and olive groves.

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