Domaine Fogolar – Collet de Bovis

Jean Spizzo

370, Chemin de Crémat, 06200 Nice

Tél/Fax. +33 (0)4 93 37 82 52 email

Jean Spizo – retired professor, puts on plays in Italian and dialect at both his vineyard and Chateau de Crémat. His family is originally from the Veneto, near Udine and ‘fogolar’ is a dialect word meaning hearth or centre of the family home – so when he built his family home in 1974 on the slopes of the Collet Bovis, he named it Domaine Fogolar. He also started to plant vines – finding as he did so, the old roots of a forgotten vineyard and interspersed with old neglected olive trees. His vineyards lie high on the slopes looking south-west over the Var Valley and sea.

View at 5pm 30th November 2013

View at 5pm 30th November 2013

The first commercial wine was made in 1991. 50% production is red, 20% rosé and 30% white- but there is a growing demand for rosé so he is making more.

Sells wine to Carrefour and also through The Wine Sampler in South Kensington and Islington in London.

2013 was such a poor vintage that his wine is down around 40% and he will only make a white aged in barrique in 2013.


Jean Spizzo, Collet de Bovis, Bellet

Jean Spizzo, Collet de Bovis, Bellet


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