Laurent and Pierre Pecivolo
Verger de St Roman de Bellet
443 Chemin des Saquiers
06200 St Roman de Bellet
Tel 04 93 37 82 35

Producers of olive oil, olives and tapenade from olives on family property. Used to be a larger property, but on the death of his father the land was divided in two. His brother inherited the vines and Laurent the olive grove.

Laurent has an old film from early television in the 1950s, of his grandfather and his father as a boy during the Bellet harvest, with harvesters dressed up in local costume.

Ten years ago his brother decided to no longer work the vineyard and pulled up the vines.

Brother? Victor Pecivolo, 443 Chemin de la Tour de Bellet, 06200 Nice is a gardener and sells plants (payagiste, Cultivateur de fruits oléagineux) business created in 1987.