Via Julia-Augusta

Nicolas Cohendet
Route de Bellet
St Roman de Bellet
06200 Nice
Tel.: +33 (0)4 93 32 81 76

Via Julia-Augusta was an old estate once belonging to the Barnoin-Séasseau family, inherited by Yannick, whose husband Robert Cohendet, originally from Savoy, took on running the domaine. The vineyards were falling into a sorry state when, at the end of the 1970s, Robert started to replant and restore the domaine. At first it was only to make wine for their own use, before taking the step, on his retirement from IBM, to join the AOC of Bellet and make wine according to the appellation regulations. Their son Nicolas Cohendet has recently taken over running the domaine (‘SCEA Cohendet & Co’).

Robert Cohendet, May 2013
Robert Cohendet, May 2013

The name of the estate, Via Julia-Augusta, refers to the old Roman road which runs through Bellet.

The vineyard is small, with 2ha in 4 parcels, and vines ranging in age from 30 to 95 years.  Despite their age, yield is 40hl/ha. Vineyards from Massa.

The reds in particular are noticeable due to their high percentage of the traditional variety Braquet, which gives a delicate floral character and a lighter style than some of the reds with their high percentage of Folle Noir.

Wine production is divided between 40% red, 30% rosé and 30% white.


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