St Roman de Bellet

This is the central village of the appellation of the appellation of Bellet. During the French revolution it was renamed Bacchus.

St Roman de Bellet church

St Roman de Bellet church 2

St Roman de Bellet church 3


The name of the hamlet and church dates to the 19th century.

There are two theories as to the origins of its name.

  1. Named after the Saint Roman, or, to give him his full name, Saint Romain le Portier or l’Ostiaire (patron saint of porters, scouts and adventurers), was a Roman martyr circa 258, a soldier, who, according to legend was converted by Saint Laurent.  As such his saints day is connected to that of St Laurent on the 9th August. He is evoked against fever in Nice and Monaco. and as a protector of vines. “Pendoun de raïn San Rouman, li vendèmia soun à man” (give a bunch of grapes to St Roman and the vintage will be protected).Another  saying « Se plòu per san Rouman, ti plagnes pas es de bouòn pan » (“If it rains on St Roman’s day, do not complain, that’s plenty!”)
  2. The name may also have come from the “camin Rouman” (Roman Road) as the Via Julia Augusta passed from Cimiez in north Nice on its way west to the Var.  (if it rains for the holy Roman, do not complain, that’s plenty).


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