Les Coteaux de Bellet

325, Chemin de Saquier, 06200 Nice
Tél. +33 (0)4 93 29 92 99  email lescoteauxdebellet@wanadoo.fr

In 1992, Marcel and Marie-Louise Raeser of Domaine Capricosa and Hélène Calviéra and Paul Crulli of La Cuolla, decided to to join their two domaines, 5ha of vines, carnations, olive trees and fruit orchards, and to make wine together. Previously they had sold their grape production to Charles Bagnis at Chateau de Crémat.

The vineyards, at 300m have soils made up of sand and limestone. overlook the Var valley on the westerly facing slopes of Saquier. The slopes and terraces receive full sunshine.

Planted with Rolle, Folle Noire, Braquet, Grenache and Cinsault. The grapes are sorted in the field and in the cellar. Length of maceration varies from variety to variety and on the year – the aim is to preserve the maximum amount of floral and fruit characters of the domaine. Some ageing in wood is carried out but always with care so as not to overwhelm the character of fruit and terroir.

In February 2012, Française REM  purchased the estate along with Chateau de Bellet as part of its programme  ‘Grands vignobles de France”.  Ghislain de Charnacé will continue to act as winemaker for the two estates.

Cellars at Coteaux de Bellet, April 2013
Cellars at Coteaux de Bellet, April 2013

The cellar is located in an old water tank used by the cultivators of carnations for irrigation. Today it is equipped with modern fermentation and ageing tanks.


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