Collet de Roustan

M. René Blanc-Gonnet, Maurice Caille
32 Chemin de la Pouncia
06200 Nice
Tél. 04 93 37 89 84

The history of this estate is very confused. According to the 1998 edition of Guide Hachette, the estate was created in 1992 when Rolle and Chardonnay were planted. Elsewhere red wine is mentioned, but the wine does not appear to have been available commercially.

According to an undated estate agents announcement, the estate of 5ha was for sale and presumably sold Sold date? In June 2002 Christian Petruccioli was the owner of SCEA Romarin at Collet de Roustan. In 2005 Collet de Roustan is created by Mr Maurice Caille?

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