Domaine Augier

680, Route De Bellet
06000 NICE
tél : 04 93 37 81 42

Rose and Charles Augier, an old Bellet family, were amongst the many small family-run vineyards. Rose remembers her father making his wine in large old wooden barrels.

Until 1991 the Augier’s grapes were sold to the Bagnis family at Chateau de Crémat, and then they decided to make their own wine (4000 bottles).

Charles died in 1997 and Rose Augier struggled on, on her own making the wine in her small cellar.

Domaine Augier
Domaine Augier

Since 2010 the estate has been run by her daughter and son-in-law who have chosen to leave the appellation and the regulations imposed in the making of Bellet and to make vin de pays wine at half the price.


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